Starting a web site

Starting a web site is easy and affordable. Generally the following steps are involved in starting a web site.

1. Finding available domain name.

2. Choosing a hosting package.

3. Choosing a web designer/developer.

1.Finding available domain name: This is the first step in creating  a web site. Choosing the right domain name for your web site is very important. Choose a domain name which is easy to remember. To find available domain name go to a domain registrar web site and type the domain name you want to register in the domain search box. You will get an option to register if the domain name is available.

2. Choosing a hosting package: After finding available domain name you need to choose a hosting package. The right hosting package for your web site will depend on your needs. You need to estimate the data storage and data transfer requirements so that you can choose the right hosting package for your web site. You may need the help of your consultant or web developer to help you decide on the best hosting package for your web site.

3. Choosing a web designer/developer: You will need a professional to design and develop your web site. Choosing a qualified designer/developer is very important. I recommend hiring a web designer that follows standard coding practices for best performance and cross browser compatibility of your web site.

You may hire a single person for both designing and development work. Remember that designing and development are different stages in creating a web site. Designing involves writing code for the outlook (front end) of your web page(s). Development involves writing code for back end functions of your web site i.e. newsletter, contact form, registration (or sign up), login etc…

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