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Don’t panic, it’s the Admin Bar

One of the new features in WordPress 3.1 is the admin bar. While this feature is useful to many users (mostly multi-site users) but for some users (mostly buddypress users) it can be annoying. For those who do not want the admin bar You have two choices to disable the admin bar: Disabling admin bar

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What’s new in WordPress 3.1

Change is inevitable with WordPress and the change always happens in a good way. Thanks to the wonderful community of WordPress users and developers who constantly support and contribute to WordPress. The new version of WordPress 3.1 was released today. WordPress 3.1 brings good news for bloggers, web masters, web designers and developers. WordPress 3.1

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Contributing patches for WordPress 3.1

I have been testing and working with WordPress 3.1 beta 1. In this version the administration is ajaxified. Some of the exciting new features are Post Formats, Admin bar( like in ) and Multi-taxnomony queries. My little contribution to this wonderfull platform. Fixed a strange Javascript error caused by little PHP code :- If

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