1. What is the time frame for PSD to WordPress and HTML to WordPress theme conversion?
    In most cases the turn around time is 24 hours. Please note that this is only an estimated time. The delivery may be delayed due to various reasons including but not limited to: delay in communications, size of the project etc..
  2. What are the payment terms for PSD to WordPress theme and HTML to WordPress conversion services?
    50% of the amount should be paid in advance. The remaining 50% amount should be paid after completing the work. For projects exceeding $1000, revood will give instructions to pay the amount in flexible installments as the project is in progress.
  3. How can I make payments?
    Payments are accepted via PayPal. If you wish to use other payment methods then feel free to contact us via email.
  4. Will you code the theme to work with all browsers?
    After coding the theme, we test the theme in all major browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, IE 11+, Safari, Opera, etc. Please note that we do not test the theme in IE 10 and below.
  5. Do I have full rights over the WordPress theme?
    Once the full amount for WordPress conversion service is paid, you have full rights over the theme.
  6. Can I sell the WordPress theme to other individuals or companies?
    Once you receive full rights over the theme, you can sell the theme to any number of individuals or companies.
  7. Do you take credits or link backs on the WordPress theme?
    We write our name in the code and paste a link to our web site at the bottom of the WordPress theme. However, you can choose to remove our name and link from the theme.
  8. Do you give discounts for bulk orders for PSD/HTML to WordPress theme conversion project?
    Yes, we provide discounts for bulk orders. Please contact us with complete details of your project and we will give you a discounted price quote with turn around time.
  9. Do you charge additional fee for jQuery coding?
    For minor jQuery coding, we do not charge additional fee. If your project requires extensive jQuery coding then we will charge additional fee depending on the time required to code.
  10. Do you provide post delivery support?
    We provide two months post delivery support to fix any issues with our code. For WordPress themes, we also update the code to work with new version(s) of WordPress realeased within two months from the date of delivery.
  11. Do you install WordPress, Theme, Widgets and plugins?
    For PSD to WordPress theme and HTML to WordPress conversion projets, we provide free installation of WordPress and set up the Theme with widgets. If you need our assistance to install plugins then please contact us with details and we will let you know the additional fee to install the plugins.
  12. Do you provide HTML layout(s) with the WordPress theme?
    For PSD to WordPress theme conversion, we do not provide HTML layout(s) with the WordPress theme. We can provide HTML layout(s) for additional fee.
  13. Do you develop custom plugins?
    We develop custom plugins and also modify/extend existing plugins. Send details of your requirements to and we will get back to you with price quote and turn around time.