Manor WordPress Theme.
Simple, smart & responsive.

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Create engaging content with Manor WordPress theme. With neatly spaced out layout, your content will be the main focus for your audience. Download and install Manor WordPress theme. Manor WordPress theme is free to download from here


How to get manor theme?

Manor theme is available to download from here.

Do you provide paid support & customization?

Yes, contact us with details and we will respond within 24 hours.

Does Manor theme work in Mobile devices?

Manor theme is responsive. It works in desktop and mobile devices.

Where do I get the documentation?

Documentation for Manor theme is available here

How to get help for Manor theme?

You can post your questions and concerns on our feedback page or in WordPress forums. We will try to respond to all questions.

Can I edit Manor theme?

Manor theme can be edited without any conditions as long as you comply with GPL license.

Is Manor theme compatible with WordPress plugins?

Manor theme is developed according to WordPress guidelines. There is no specific support or compatibility with other plugins. Users should test the Theme and plugins and find out which ones work.

Who contributed to Manor Theme?

The Theme is created by our team members. Designed by Benjamin Gunday and developed by Reuben Gunday.

Do you provide custom development ?

Yes, please send details to and we will get back to you in 24 hours.