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  • Content Migration
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  • Server/Cloud Migration
  • Database Upgrades
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Mini Plan $800
Large Scale $10k

*Final quotes will be sent after initial discovery.

  • Send details to
  • Get fixed price quote and timeframe
  • Pay deposit amount to start working.


Timeframe for migration depends on complexity, server response and the size of the data. Our team will complete the migration at fast pace with minimal data loss and downtime.

100% customized services

Our services will be tailor made for your needs to achieve the best results. Our Experts will plan and design the best migration methods based on your requirements.


Upgrades to Database and Content Management Systems will be implemented after migration. After successful testing, upgrades will be pushed to live site.

Save Time & Money

Our Experts are capable of dealing with different combinations of software stack. You will save time and money with just one team capable of dealing with all types of software stack at every layer.

Safe & Secure Migration

Before starting the migration, we take necessary precautions to minimize data loss. Your data will be safe throughout the migration process. Our experts will ensure the data is secure after completing the migration.

Minimum downtime

Our team will ensure there will minimum downtime during and after the migration process. Your web site users will not experience downtime.

Payment options

Payments are accepted through Wise or wire transfer. Prices are quoted in US dollars. 50% should be paid in advance and the remaining after completing the migration.

Reliable support

Clients will receive exceptional support for 30 days after successful migration. Any reported issues will be resolved within 24 hours. If required, we will provide long term support for monthly retainer.

  • Send details to
  • Get fixed price quote and timeframe
  • Pay deposit amount to start working.


How do I get proceed with migration?

Send complete details and we will start with a discovery process to start migration. After the discovery process, you will get a fixed price quote and time frame.

What are the payment terms?

50% should be paid in advance. The remaining amount should be paid after the migration.

Do you provide post delivery support?

Clients will receive 30 day support after the migration. Any issues reported will be addressed within 24 hours (except on weekends).

Do you provide long term support?

Depending on your requirements, we will provide an expert on monthly retainer fee for long term support.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments are accepted through Wise or regular wire transfer.

What is included in the price quote?

Price quote includes services offered by the experts. Price quote do not include server, licensing and upgrade charges. 

What are the pre-requisites for migration?

Clients should provide required access to servers, control panel, SSH, database and third party cloud services.