Magento Development Services @ $4000/month.

Get Started
  • Installation/Setup/Upgrades
  • Content setup
  • Server admin
  • Custom Themes & Extensions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance & Support
Hourly Rate $100
Monthly Retainer $4000
  • Send requirements to
  • Get Estimated Time Frame
  • Pay Deposit Amount to Start Working

Installation & Setup

Whether you need a basic Magento setup on a shared hosting account or a scalable site setup on Cloud, our team will provide the required assistance. For dedicated server setup, we will install the required software stack based on your requirements.

Cloud Migration

Migrate current Magento Website to Cloud. We will provide complete assistance with migrating content, user data and code. Our experts will help you with choosing the right cloud service provider or we can work with any major cloud service provider of your choice. We work with all major cloud services including AWS, Google cloud & Azure.

Upgrades & backup

Upgrade existing ecommerce websites from any platform to Magento 2. Migration includes content, user data and functionality. To ensure smooth upgrades, our team will back up all entire website before implementing major changes.

Custom Development

We build custom Magento Themes based on designs provided by your creative team. Design files can be in Adobe photoshop, XD or Sketch formats. For Magento extensions, let us know your requirements and our team will develop the functionality.


For existing sites, we troubleshoot site issues and errors at any level. Resolve website issues originating from underlying software, database, plugins or third party API systems. With our experience and expertise, you can rely on us for right diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues & errors.

Server admin

We ensure the servers are up to date and running smoothly without any issues. With our team managing the servers, your sites will have zero to minimal downtime. We recommend periodic reviews on website traffic to inform you in advance on required upgrades.

Maintenance & Support

Our regular maintenance and support includes everything that is required to keep your site up and running. From theme updates, plugin updates and ensuring various aspects of the site work together in harmony, we will do everything to keep client’s website running without any issues. Support will be provided through email and issues can be tracked on Trello.

Retainer fee

Our monthly retainer fee is $4,000. You will receive up to 100 hours of services. 48 hour email response. For additional hours and quicker response time, contact for customized services based on your requirements.

Billing method

Minimum billing amount is $4000. Clients will receive up to 40 hours of services provided by a single developer in a billing month. Under utilized hourly services will not be carried to following months. Additional hours will be charged at $100/hour rate.

Payment terms

Monthly retainer should be paid in advance. Under utilized hours for each month will not be carried for following months. For large scale development, clients will receive price quote & time frame based on required number of experts. Payments are accepted via Wise. Takes 10 minutes to sign up.

  • Send requirements to
  • Get Estimated Time Frame
  • Pay Deposit Amount to Start Working


What kind of experience do you have with Magento?

We have 10 years experience in developing scalable community driven e-commerce platforms. Our developers work on front-end coding to back-end development and integrating third party APIs. We provide solutions for every stage of Magento development.

What is your response time for addressing issues?

During the scheduled weekly development, we will fix reported issues within 24 hours.

Do you provide SEO services?

We do not provide link building and other black hat SEO services. If you need search engine marketing services then we will submit a proposal depending on your requirements. Search engine marketing services are not included in development/support services.

Do you provide designing services?

Yes, fee for designing services will start from $3,000. Contact us with your ideas and vision.

Do you provide hosting services?

Yes, hosting charges will be billed separately from development services. Let us know your requirements and we will recommend the right hosting package.

How do you keep track of projects?

We prefer keeping track of projects on Trello. If you prefer other services then we will go with your preference.

Do you provide live support?

Yes, we provide live support and training. When booking for a week’s service, inform us with convenient time and we will schedule an appointment.