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Bookshelf Mini-Update

It is our desire to make Bookshelf easier to manage with every update. This small update has been made to avoid confusions caused by technical terminology. For new users, adding custom fields for the product price has been little difficult as the custom fields box is hidden by default. To make life easier for both

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Bookshelf 2.0.3

We have released Bookshelf 2.0.3 on May 11 2011. There are no major changes in the plugin except for Troubleshooting feature. The troubleshooting feature will help Bookshelf users to find common set up errors. How to run Troubleshooting? Go to Bookshelf >> Troubleshoot. Enter the Post/Page ID in the text field. Click “Run test”. Results

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Using Bookshelf 2.0

Before using Bookshelf, please make sure that you have setup the plugin correctly. To ensure the plugin is setup correctly: Go to Bookshelf->Settings Enter your paypal email address Select your currency type and save. Instructions for using Bookshelf: Create or Edit a post (or page) In the PDF file box, click “Choose file” button and

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Bookshelf “two point oh”

We thank the Bookshelf users for their valuable feedback. We have changed the code for efficiency and also for optimum security. The improvements in Bookshelf 2.0 are: You can now sell .zip files You can now also use pages to sell your digital products. In 1.0 branch you can only sell using posts. Better PayPal

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Using Bookshelf plugin

After activating the plugin, go to Bookshelf →  settings to configure Bookshelf. Enter your PayPal email address and select the prefered currency. Save changes and start using the plugin. How to add ebook? 1. Create a new post ( post→ add new ) 2. Click on upload PDF file. 3. To add price, use custom field “price”

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Sell ebooks with the bookshelf plugin

We have developed this plugin to allow WordPress users to sell ebooks on their web sites. The plugin is simple and works efficiently with WordPress CMS (versions 2.7 to 3.0.1). Features: 1. Bookshelf uses PayPal IPN for payments. 2. Multiple currency option 3. Custom email messages for billing. 4. Sales report This is the first

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