Contributing patches for WordPress 3.1

I have been testing and working with WordPress 3.1 beta 1. In this version the administration is ajaxified. Some of the exciting new features are Post Formats, Admin bar( like in ) and Multi-taxnomony queries.

My little contribution to this wonderfull platform.

Fixed a strange Javascript error caused by little PHP code :- If the comments per page on edit comments screen are set to 8 or less then trashing comments is causing strange errors in javascript. For more information see this ticket #15746, fixed at r16836

Fixing the issue with admin menu save state:- At r16813 which fixed menu dropdown sliding issue but it has caused another issue. When the dropdowns are expanded or collapsed, the menus are always collapse when the page is refreshed or re-visited. See ticket #15767 for more information, fixed at r16784

I am glad I’ve got this opportunity to fix the above mentioned issues. I will continue to test WordPress 3.1 beta 1 and contribute patches whenever I get the opportunity.

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