Bookshelf 2.0.3

We have released Bookshelf 2.0.3 on May 11 2011. There are no major changes in the plugin except for Troubleshooting feature. The troubleshooting feature will help Bookshelf users to find common set up errors.

How to run Troubleshooting?

  1. Go to Bookshelf >> Troubleshoot.
  2. Enter the Post/Page ID in the text field.
  3. Click “Run test”.
  4. Results displayed in red should be fixed. For example, if the custom field price is missing. You will get this message “Custom field price not found” in red.

We hope you will like this new feature. We will continue to put our efforts to make Bookshelf smarter and easier to use. We welcome any feedback/suggestions.

Depending on the feedback we have received from the Bookshelf users, we are planning to implement the following:

  • Internationlization/Localization (Which means you can add translations for your own language)
  • Ability to add Custom billing email address
  • Option for setting download limits

12 Responses to "Bookshelf 2.0.3"

  1. Reuben,

    I have discussed the problem with Bluehost people. They will resend a smtp form unless it has a from address that resides on on their network.

    I think that issue has to do with failure to send the download links and notification. I notice other users have had problems sending download links from bluehost with programs that use IPN.

    • Bookshelf uses wp_mail function to send notification e-mails. This is the same function that is used to send any email notifications in WordPress. If other notifications in WordPress work(i.e new comment notification) then Bookshelf notifications will work as well.

  2. I have been using Bookshelf for a while. Someone else set it up for me but that person is not available any more. I need to change the price and I cannot find where the original price was set. I read about Bookshelf on your site but it did not help. Where exactly is the price set, and could it be set in more than one place? Thank you for your reply.

  3. I don’t know. I’ve spent many hours trying to get this to work. I have done all the custom field possible edits and can’t get it to show up and there is no Buy It Now button. Very frustrating. I have my ebook uploaded and I have no idea if the “Bookshelf” is connected to the page. Help. Thanks.

  4. Hi Reuben.

    I am having a problem with the plugin and haven’t been able to find a solution in any of these help pages. The plugin has installed fine and I have got the ebooks posted on the website, but when a sale has gone through it doesn’t send a download link to the customer. I contacted the host ( and they say that STMP is activated. Is there anything else that I’m missing?
    Thanks for the effort to produce a great plugin!

    • Bookshelf uses WordPress mail function to send the download link. If the WordPress email notifications(i.e new comment notification, etc) are working then Bookshelf notifications will also work. Please make sure your host has enabled php mail function.

  5. hi
    i install your software but in setting i have this phrase.

    htaccess files does not contain proper configuration.
    Add the following line to your .htaccess file in /web/htdocs/ directory
    deny from all

    i don’t understand what i must do because i haven’e nothing file called htaccess

    • You have to create a .htaccess file and upload it to /wp-content/uploads/bookshelf_files folder. This is only required to deny direct access to digital files.

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