Month: September 2010

Improve your WordPress site’s loading speed.

Javascript is a powerful scripting language and CSS helps in excellent presentation of web sites. Their use is common in almost all web sites. The use of Javascript ranges from creating small functionalities like form validation to advanced functions like flash like slide shows. Usually html code and images load simultaniously. When browsers load Javascript

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Test drive your website

After designing and development of your website, you may want to test the site’s accessibility and loading speed. You do not need to be a professional designer or developer to test your site. Here is the simple way to test your site’s accessibility and loading speed. Testing accessibility: Accessibility of your website is important not

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Issues with updating WordPress or themes.

I often get mails when people face problems while updating their themes or WordPress. One thing common among all these users is they are using WP super cache plugin. WP super cache is a great plugin to boost your site’s performance and also helps in getting a good page rank. It helps to improve your

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