WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”

WordPress 3.3 is released on Dec 12. The new release has the following features:

  1. New uploader: With the new uploader, you can drag and drop files. Unlike the former uploader, the new uploader allows you to add videos, audios and images on the same page.  The new uploader is built on the latest technology and degrades gracefully for older browsers (except IE 6 of course).
  2. New Toolbar: The old admin bar has been replaced with the new Toolbar. It is not only a change in name and look. It’s all about brains and how it works ­čÖé

Is that all?

No, that is not the end of the story. Although there are no other additional features, the existing features of WordPress are improved for faster and pleasant experience. The improved features are:

  1. Permalinks: Using %postname% ┬ápermalink structure slowed down the web sites’ performance. This feature has been improved to reduce performance issues as it is widely used permalink structure.
  2. Flyout menus: Now you can save some energy by not clicking your mouse to expand the sub menus in WP admin.
  3. New APIs for WYSIWYG editor, screen meta and toolbar. The API enables developers to easily implement and extend the plugins/themes with awesome features ­čśÇ

There are no major security updates. However, it is safe to upgrade WordPress to the latest  version.

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