WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin”

It is time for another upgrade to your WordPress site. Like previous releases, the newly released version comes with exciting new features. The new features are:

  1. Distraction free writing mode: Inspired by the good old plain paper writing! Now you have a better editor with a bigger & simpler view. Write, edit and post with full screen editor.
  2. Faster and lighter: From mini gadgets to jumbo jets, this has become the main aim in tech world . WordPress is no exception. The new version is much faster, lighter and smarter than ever!!
  3. Faster upgrades: From now onwards, WordPress upgrades will be partial and specific to relevant files. Instead of updating all files, only the relevant and required files will be updated which saves time & server resources.

It’s been a privilege working on WordPress. I encourage fellow WordPress users to contribute to WordPress in any┬ápossible way i.e. reporting bugs, submitting patches, submitting GPL themes, plugins and/or donating ­čÖé

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