Using Bookshelf plugin

After activating the plugin, go to Bookshelf →  settings to configure Bookshelf. Enter your PayPal email address and select the prefered currency. Save changes and start using the plugin.

How to add ebook?

1. Create a new post ( post→ add new )
2. Click on upload PDF file.
3. To add price, use custom field “price” without currency symbol or commas.
4. Publish the post to start selling the ebook(s).

Usage instructions for the latest version of Bookshelf can be found here Using Bookshelf 2.0

46 Responses to "Using Bookshelf plugin"

  1. Hi i’m trying to use your bookshelf plugin, but i cant seem to understand how it works, i,ve done everything istructed but can,t seem to get it to work, please can you help.

    • To use this plugin follow these instructions:
      1. Activate the plugin
      2. Go to bookshelf >> settings in your WordPress admin
      3. Enter your paypal email address and select your currency type and save the settings.
      4. To start selling ebooks, create a new post from Posts >> Add new from your WordPress admin.
      5. Select/upload a pdf file in the PDF file tab under Post content box.
      6. Add custom field price and enter the price of the book without currency symbol.
      7. Publish the post to start selling the ebooks.

  2. Hi,

    I have also followed the instructions and am getting nothing. When you ask to put a custom field in, does it matter what the field is called?

    There doesn’t seem to be any link between your plugin and the pdf I don’t get it.



    • Yes the name of the field matters. The field name should be “price”(without quotes). Also, make sure you click on “Insert into post” after uploading the PDF file. Update the post and you can see a paypal buy now button at the bottom of your post.

  3. Sorry to trouble you. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter and not getting the paypal buy button a the bottom of the post. When I click to update the post, the PDF file box empties and it is not inserted into the post.

    Thanks, Mike

    • Thank you for the feedback. This issue has been fixed in version 1.1. Please check the new version.

      Also, uploading PDF files has been made easy.

  4. I use a Mac with Firefox and Safari. Neither one shows an “Insert Into Post” link after a I browse to a PDF file in a new post. Firefox has “Browse” button to the right of empty line. Safari has “Choose File” to the left of the same line.

    If I hover over the “Upload PDF File” text to the left of the browse line, my mouse shows it as active, but clicking on that produces nothing.

    Is this a bug? What can I do to overcome this issue? (Please reply by e-mail if you get a chance.)

    Also, there was a misspelling of Upload (Uplaod) in the “value” field of the source for includes/metabox.php. Changing that didn’t affect the behavior either way though.

    • The last updates were not uploaded properly to WordPress plugin directory. There were some missing files which caused this problem. I have fixed this issue and also corrected the mispelt word “Uplaod”. Please update the bookshelf plugin.

      Please note that in the latest version, uploading PDF files is made easy. You do not need to click “insert into post” etc. You can simply upload the pdf files using “choose file” button.

      Thank you very much for your feedback. Let me know if there any other issues with the plugin. Your feedback is very much valuable to us as well as other bookshelf users.

  5. This pluin is exactly what I am looking for, however I do not understand how the pdf gets into the post. What does this mean -(Simply add “price” to the custom value(without quotes) of the post.) What is the ‘custom value?

  6. I get this error message when I try to publish post. Can you help?

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /hermes/web02/b800/pow.wilde/htdocs/artist/wp-content/plugins/bookshelf/includes/metabox.php:26) in /hermes/web02/b800/pow.wilde/htdocs/artist/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

  7. Hi,

    When I upload file and click post update, I get the following warning:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/olotuor1/public_html/ in /home/olotuor1/public_html/ on line 890

    I couldn’t identify which line is no 26 to delete. What is the expression on line 26, please?

    • Thank you for the feedback.

      The issue has been fixed in new version( 1.3 ). The update should be available within 2-3 hours.

    • Many thanks for the update. I have updated my Bookshelf plugin and successfully uploaded the pdf file.

      However, I did not get the “Insert into post” to click. Therefore, pdf file button did not appear in my post. Can you help once again, please.

      Your Bookshelf concept is an excellent idea. Please, please do whatever needs doing to get it to work properly. xx

    • “Insert into post” button is only displayed in 1.0. The later versions have easier way to upload PDF files.

      Simply click on upload the file and it will associated with the post.

  8. Hi. You wrote: 2. Upload a PDF file and click “Insert into post”. The PDF file was downloaded. But where is the button “Insert into post”? I don’t see it. Thank you.

  9. Hi. Now I see! You wrote: “Insert into post” button is only displayed in 1.0. The later versions have easier way to upload PDF files.

    Simply click on upload the file and it will associated with the post.”

    I click on “upload the file” and nothing happened. How to insert my book into post? Where I can write the price? Thank you!

  10. Hi Reuben,

    Thank you for the great plugin! i have set everything up and all works well to the point where i self tested the payment buy now which takes me to Pay pal and payment goes through.I however do not receive the e-book, do you know what could be causing the issue? I have uploaded the e-book using the Pdf file tab and it said upload successful.Is the e-book sent automatically to buyer once payment is made or do i send manually after receiving payment?

  11. Hi,

    The plugin works fine and payment goes through to my account but i get this message.

    Successful order
    Order successful but we have not yet received the payment. Bookmark this link to get your copy when the tranasction is complete.

    There is no option for me to download the book because it is not accepting that a payment has been made, i have checked the sales page and it is blank even though a book has been bought(by me)any help regarding this will be most appreciated.


    • Check your PayPal logs, the transaction is not yet completed. Only completed transactions can download the book. After the transaction is complete, you can download the book.

    • Hi Reuben,

      My payment is complete and successful in PayPal log, when i click on return to merchant i am taken to an order successful page and this is displayed. “Order successful but we have not yet received the payment. Bookmark this link to get your copy when the transaction is complete.” There is also no sales record.

      Somehow the payment made info from PayPal is not returning to Bookshelf plugin for it to complete download process. I am currently using WordPress 3.0.1, should i upgrade to the newer version?


    • Hi Reuben,

      My PayPal logs reflect a successful payment but the book is not delivered and no record of sale reflects in sales log, do you have any idea what could be causing this.


  12. Hi Reuben,

    I think i may have found a clue as to why Bookshelf is not recognizing that payments have been made to Papal and therfore not directing buyers to download page. I recieved this e-mail from Paypal.

    Hello Douglas.

    Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing:

    I contacted my Host and they replied:


    Yes our servers will allow the use of PayPal API’s. This issue would be an issue of your script, not an issue on the server itself.


    Jeff S.
    Technical Support Analyst
    HostNine LLC

    If it is an issue with script, how would i resolve this? i love the plugin and cant wait to get it up and running.


  13. Victor,

    I’m confused about the whole flow of the plug-in and its operation. I have done 6 of the 7 steps you listed in your October 21 post, but the seventh just says, vaguely, “Publish the post to start selling the ebooks.” Huh? If I publish the post, all I get is a page with a link that, when clicked on, opens up the ebook. See

    I see no PayPal logo.

    There is no explanation of how people get to the page to make the purchase. Perhaps it goes in the Successful Payment email, but (1) you don’t say so and (2) your screenshot doesn’t show it. Nor can I find anything in your instructions or plug-in that creates a link to PayPal, where payment can be made.

    I think showing the step-by-step flow of what customers do and what your plug-in does would clear up a lot of the confusion here.



  14. Hi Reuben

    I would love to get your Plugin going (it sounds bloody great!) But each time I try to upload a PDF I get this Error message: Sorry, your file wasn’t uploaded: Error #2038 (I changed the upload dir to 777 but the error is still popping up) any ideas? Thanks, Sam

  15. Hey
    Cheers for the plugin – it sounds simple to use & perfect for the results i’m looking for…
    i’m very new to all this, having let technology slip me by so this may seem like a really obvious question – i’ve uploaded my pdf ok but cannot find the ‘custom field’ to put in the price and when i publish / preview the post it’s blank.
    Can you help pls?
    Thanks loads!

    • Please follow the instructions below:

      After you have uploaded the PDF file, scroll down to the area titled Custom Fields.
      Enter “price” without quotes in text entry field title Key
      Enter the price of the product without currency symbol in the Value field.
      Publish the post.

      Also make sure you are using latest version of the plugin.