Finding the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name is a very important task. The basic rule in choosing a good domain name is Keep It Short and Sweet. Your domain name should be easy to remember.

There are two ways to find available KISS domain names. You can start experimenting in both ways and try to find a KISS domain name.

A name that reflects your product/service or company name or geographic specific services: Try to find a combination of words, which reflect the name of your company and/or your product/service. If your business is a local business then you can try to include the name of your city/town/state. For example, if you are providing cab services in Houston then you can try By the way, this domain name is available at the time of writing this Blog.

If the combination of words is too long then try the combination of the initials of each word.

Inventing your own slang: You have heard Yahoo, Google and Bing. The web site visitors remember these names easily and are not concerned if they mean anything. You can start inventing your own slang, which may soon become a popular name in the World Wide Web.

It may require few hours or even days to find the right domain name. I wish you good luck in finding a good domain name

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