Finally on Twitter, better late than never…

I have worked with Twitter API which is the most developer friendly API I have ever come across but I have never used Twitter for tweeting. Although, I have created few twitter accounts before but I didn’t tweet because I keep forgetting my passwords. This time I won’t forget!!

After using Facebook for years, I think Facebook is good but Twitter is better!! I feel Twitter is better because:

  1. Simplicity!! Facebook navigation system is scattered between header and sidebars. Twitter has something simple.
  2. I don’t get Farmville invites on Twitter.

I feel the good old way of sending messages with a bird has come back although in a different form and shape. I will keep using the Twitter bird and keep you  updated about our GPL projects and other things we love to share with you. You can follow us @revood for updates.

Stay tweened (tuned)!! See you on Twitter

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