Choosing the right web hosting provider

You have started looking for a Web hosting service provider to host your web site but there are thousands of web hosting providers. Which one is the best to host your web site? There are many factors that need to be considered based on your specific needs. To keep this article brief, I have outlined some basic and most needed qualities of a Web hosting service provider to be able to decide which one is qualified to host your web site.

In general, there are six aspects that need to be taken into consideration to determine whether a Web hosting service provider is qualified or not.

24/7/365 customer support: Good customer support at all times is necessary to run a web site. Sometimes, you will need questions answers as soon as possible.  The customer support should answer your e-mails within one hour. Telephone support is a great advantage to get questions answered immediately.

User friendly Control panel: User friendly Control panel is a must whether you maintain your web site or have someone else to maintain it. User friendly Control panel enables you to easily make changes to your site, upload files, change passwords for your account, add/delete an email account, manage databases, etc.

Some web hosting service providers provide free Video tutorials to use Control panel. One of the web hosting service provider that provides free video tutorials to use Control panel is

Upgrading facility: A good web hosting service provider will give flexible upgrading options. Once your site is live, you may need to upgrade one or more features of the Web hosting package. Beware of web hosting service providers that require you to buy another package instead of upgrading as per your needs.

30 day Money back guarantee: Often service providers may not deliver what they promise. You will be able to know it only after trying their services. A reliable hosting provider will give 30 day Money back guarantee on all shared hosting accounts.

Data back up: Data is very important asset of your web site. Data loss may be caused due to many technical contingencies. Servers are often subject to technical contingencies. A professional service provider will provide daily back up services to their customers to avoid data loss.

After considering the above mentioned aspects you will be able to decide if a hosting company is qualified to host your Web site. I wish you good luck in finding a qualified hosting company.

Happy hosting!!

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  1. How can you determine which web hosting company has the best customer service? Finding the best service for your needs may also involve deciding between a traditional web hosting service or a reseller program. register their accounts with another web host and then sell that space to others searching for web site hosting.

    • Generally, you can determine the quality of customer support provided by the hosting company during the money-back period.

      For reseller hosting you need the following features
      1. unlimited domain hosting.
      2. unlimited email accounts
      3. unlimited ftp accounts
      4. unlimited databases

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