Bookshelf “two point oh”

We thank the Bookshelf users for their valuable feedback. We have changed the code for efficiency and also for optimum security.

The improvements in Bookshelf 2.0 are:

  • You can now sell .zip files
  • You can now also use pages to sell your digital products. In 1.0 branch you can only sell using posts.
  • Better PayPal handling.

We have also fixed a security bug, it is recommended that you update your Bookshelf 1.* version as soon as possible.

We thank all the users again for their valuable feedback.

We look forward to continue improving Bookshelf with your valuable feedback.

9 Responses to "Bookshelf “two point oh”"

  1. Castle says:

    Hi there,

    First, it’s a great plugin. Great job.

    I have a question. Is there a way for me to control where the paypal button appears. Like a short-code? I would like to position the button in other places, rather in the end of the post.


    • ReubenReuben says:

      Thank you for using Bookshelf.

      Currently, it is not possible to place the button in other positions. It will be available from the next version.

  2. I get the error message “Custom field price not found” when trouble shooting unable to get plugin to work. I created a custom field and added the price. The plugin still does not work.

    • ReubenReuben says:

      The custom field name should be price and an appropriate value like 10, 20, etc…(the actual price in value field)

  3. TAS says:

    Hello Reuben
    I was so excited to find this free plugin however I’ve spent 3 hours trying to make it work. The Buy Now button doesn’t show up. I created the customs field Price and added the value without $$ sign. I’m runnin WP 3.0 with Twenty Ten Theme. My eBook page is a sub-menu page (My Works/To Choose). I’ve researched all your help answers…I created the folder “.htaccess” and created the file “deny from all.” The permission is 755. I’ve deleted the plugin and reinstalled it but still no go. Any ideas? Does the software not work on sub-pages?

  4. I have recently started experimenting with the bookshelf plugin and have some success with it. My only concern is that people don’t want to wait 3-5 days to upload an ebook they have just purchased. Is there a way to insert the url in the thank you page so they can go back and upload the book sooner rather than awaiting paypal approval?

  5. Kenan says:

    this is very good plugin, and very useful.

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