Bioforce Project
  1. Developed membership system with CRM integration.
  2. Converted PSD designs to responsive WordPress theme.
  3. Forums integration


  1. Developed custom WordPress Theme. The site is responsive and mobile friendly.
  2. Developed custom plugin to create, publish and distribute ebooks in ePub, pdf and online formats.
  3. Developed eCommerce features with membership system



Built custom WordPress theme from PSD designs. The Theme is developed to be responsive and mobile ready.

Rational Middle Energy Series

Converting PSD designs to WordPress Theme.

Custom Development

Pet Sitters Booking System

Developed custom WordPress plugin for www.flyingduchess.com with features including:

  1. Booking pet sitters with PayPal integration
  2. Calendar scheduling for individual pet sitters
  3. Pet profiles & data sheets
  4. Messaging system for Admins, Pet Sitters & Customers
E-book Publishing Software

Developed custom software for WordPress to publish and sell ebooks in iBooks(epub), pdf and HTML formats.

WordPress and phpBB3 integration

Implementing a single user login and signup system for phpBB3 and WordPress. http://www.8weeksout.com/

Plugin: WP E-commerce

Modified UPS shipping features in WP-ecommerce for http://iso-tip.com and http://www.senasys.com.



This plugin allows you to sell ebooks. It works with PayPal and has multiple currency option.

Combat Comments Bot

This plugin avoids bots posting comments directly on your site.

KISS-URL (keep it short and stupid URL)

This plugin automatically generates bit.ly shortlink for every posts, pages, category, archives etc. To get started, you’ll need a free bit.ly user account and apiKey.

MP3 Link Player

This plugin turns all mp3 links into a playlist using Yahoo Media Player API.