Launching iPhone App development services

As early as Jan 2012, we were planning to expand our development services beyond web sites. We found iOS platform to be the right choice for us to take another leap for our business. Now our clients can rely on us for developing iPhone apps.

There are differences in development methodologies between developing a web site and iPhone apps. Similarly, the business process for delivering iPhone apps is slightly different from our routine business process for developing web sites.

All iPhone app requirements need to be studied and discussed in detail with our clients after which we can come up with feasible options for implementation, price quote and turn around time. Before any development could possibly see the light of the day, there is a need for initial consultation which requires time and lots of patience from clients as well as developers. The initial consultation is charged at $100/hour and the minimum fee for initial consultation is $500.

If there are any feasible options to develop the app then our clients will receive a fixed price quote and estimated turn around time. However, the turn around time is only for initial delivery of the app and we cannot provide any set date or time for the apps to be reviewed and approved by Apple. If the app is rejected for any technical reasons then we will resolve the issues and update the code for another review.

The payment terms for developing iPhone apps are:

  1. Advance payment of 50% of the development fee.
  2. 25% of the amount should be paid upon initial delivery and the remaining 25% should be paid after approval in App store.

Post delivery maintenance: After the initial delivery, it may take few days to several weeks to get the app approved. The App will need regular updates and maintenance to keep the app in good condition at all times and to comply with newer versions of iOS and any other associated third party platforms (server OS, database etc). The monthly fee for post delivery maintenace is 5% of the application development cost.

We look forward to listening to your ideas and exploring the world of possibilities on iOS platform. If you’re interested in turning your ideas into iPhone app then please contact us @ wordpressconversionat gmail

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