Author: Reuben

Bookshelf Mini-Update

It is our desire to make Bookshelf easier to manage with every update. This small update has been made to avoid confusions caused by technical terminology. For new users, adding custom fields for the product price has been little difficult as the custom fields box is hidden by default. To make life easier for both

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WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin”

It is time for another upgrade to your WordPress site. Like previous releases, the newly released version comes with exciting new features. The new features are: Distraction free writing mode: Inspired by the good old plain paper writing! Now you have a better editor with a bigger & simpler view. Write, edit and post with

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Adding visual editor to WordPress comments box

Read part 2 for adding visual editor to WordPress comments box using new editor API available in version  3.3 Writing HTML tags in comments is not easy for everyone. You can add visual editor/TinyMCE in comments box so that your site visitors can easily format text in bold, italic, etc. You can add visual editor

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Relative dates for posts and comments in WordPress

Calendar dates are nice but relative dates (i.e 1 day ago) can be more attractive. You may have noticed relative dates in Twitter and Facebook status updates. You can also display relative dates for posts and comments without using a WordPress plugin. In your Theme’s functions.php file, add the following snippet: The above snippet can

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